Metrotech 810 Repair

As of January 1st, 2016 Vivax-Metrotech no longer supports the "classic" Metrotech 810, 850, and 9800 series locator sets. The factory will not service, calibrate, or provide parts for these locators in any way.

Fortunately, AZ Locators still does! Our extensive range of experience with these famous pieces of equipment allows us to keep them running smoothly for decades to come. We have amassed a huge supply of parts for all legacy Metrotech models to facilitate this service.

We recommend an annual calibration schedule for your analog locators. If your response seems sluggish, centerline or depth readings seem inaccurate, or signal strength is dropping, send it in to us for a factory-level calibration and tune up. We guarantee it will run like a brand new locator!